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What materials are Excalibur Running Boards made from ?

Running Boards:                Anodized Aluminium

Steps :                                  Soft compound rubber

End Caps & Mud Flaps :  Poly Prop

How do the brackets mount to my vehicle ?

The anodized brackets mount to most factory mounting points located on the truck's body. A total of 8 brackets are used for the cab and an additional 2 rear brackets are used for vehicles with a third step configuration, for load box access. 

Do Excalibur Running Boards come with a Warranty ?

Yes, 1 year manufactures warranty is granted.

What happens if i damage a component or running board ?

Unlike most running boards, all components are replaceable with Excalibur Running Boards, including a single side running board, in the case of an accident. 

How do you install the LED lights?

The LED light harness is incorporated with a voltage regulator and non-soldiering connections. A 4-pin plug, easily attaches to your vehicle's 4 pin trailer plug, alternatively a hardwire installation may be done. 

How do the LED lights work?

When the vehicle's headlights are activated the white LED lights are on. The amber turn signal function is activated when turn signals are activated and when brakes are applied. Options to eliminate particular functions are possible with a hardwire installation. 

 Are they safe ?

Excalibur Running Boards provide excellent safety attributes, with traction steps and no gaps for feet to slip between. Excalibur running boards are great for work, family and play. 

 Do you provide custom colour to match my vehicle ?

We can colour match or customize colours to your specs. Additional charges do apply with a 2 week turn around time. 

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